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I empower parents to create lasting peace within themselves and cooperation within their homes.

I’m Natalie Tellish, a certified conscious parenting coach. I have studied, practiced, and taught conscious parenting strategies for more than a decade. My passion is helping families connect more deeply with one another, cultivate trust and inspired communication within their homes, and move through life’s toughest challenges with poise and confidence.

I didn’t grow up in a positive environment. In fact, my upbringing was quite chaotic and even abusive at times. I knew from a young age that there had to be a better way to live life within a family. As a young adult, I learned about reprogramming the subconscious mind to rewrite limiting beliefs that are picked up throughout childhood. While I knew I would dedicate my life to helping people achieve a positive mindset despite their circumstances, I also had a strong desire to be a mother. It took me a while to figure out how to balance both passions. However, once I realized that I could become a conscious parenting coach, teaching people to undo their own pasts to provide a brighter future for their children, my path became clear.

Since launching my parent coaching business in 2018, I have helped thousands of families learn peaceful communication and invite more cooperation into their homes.

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Certified Conscious Parenting Coach Natalie Tellish Shares Her Inspiring Entrepreneurship Journey

“It is my mission to ensure our children develop a different narrative within— one of worthiness, empowerment, significance, and unconditional love.”
-Natalie Tellish

Passion for Healing Relationships in Families

What can you achieve with conscious
parent coaching?

More Cooperation from Your
Kids and Less Frustration
for You

Having studied and utilized conscious parenting in her own home for more than a decade, Natalie is passionate about empowering families to cultivate deep, meaningful relationships within their homes.

Peaceful Parenting Techniques
that Really Work

You’ll use knowledge of age-appropriate development and brain science to cope with situations that arise within your family. With these processes, you’ll find that resolving issues and connecting is easier than ever before!

Solid, Serene Communication

With this training, you’ll learn to stop yelling, stop freaking out, and develop understanding between the members of your family. Effectively communicating and connecting is the foundation for building life-long relationships.

Become Genuinely Patient

Achieve inner peace that will allow you to move through life’s issues with ease.


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