Combating Stress for Conscious Parents

Are you so STRESSED everyday that it makes it challenging to even exist in the same room with your children, let alone parent them peacefully and gently? It’s as if you aren’t even sure how to be a conscious parent because you can hardly handle everything that you’ve got on your plate!?

Stressed mom thinking about her to do list while young daughter wants to play

One major factor that holds conscious parents back from being able to parent more peacefully is STRESS. Within the conversations I have with my conscious parent coaching clients, I encourage them to  implement several things to educate and equip themselves with knowledge and tools to help combat stress.

Education regarding the mind-body connection is an important aspect of overall wellness for conscious parents.

Parents are reading about how to stop yelling at your kids? How to be a better parent? How to be a conscious parent! We read conscious parenting books. We might take a conscious parenting course. We hire a conscious parenting coach. As parents, we are always taking steps to learn to handle tough situations, but something else that can help tremendously is to follow experts and specialists who discuss different aspects of wellness. 

Topics of study for individuals who are trying to learn how to be a conscious parent could include health-defeating versus health-promoting behaviors, self-care, nutrition, mindfulness, and coping strategies. Immersing yourself in these topics will help you learn how to be a conscious parent.

In addition to overall wellness, learning stress-reducing techniques is probably the number one most helpful thing to help so parents can start parenting more consciously and peacefully. Stress results from not having the ability to handle a situation and is present in the body as tension that is either physical or mental. For most people, stress is almost always present, especially for those of us who are parents. It is really difficult to learn how to be a conscious parent when we are having a hard time coping with our own emotions that arise.

Parents who are highly stressed are likely to be less productive and less motivated than those who feel relaxed and at ease.

Find time to proactively release your stress. Take 20 or more minutes each day, and a longer period of time once a week. Some parents find that practicing yoga, mindfulness, kickboxing, or journalling can be helpful.

Happy mom laying in grass lifting daughter into air with her feet

Try different things until you find what works best for you, as a parent, to relieve stress and begin your journey toward how to become a conscious parent!